Saturday, June 2, 2007

Summer in Reno means...

Thunderstorms!! :) The one thing I like about summer here in Nevada: THUNDERSTORMS!! :)

For the last few days, we've had our normal afternoon thunderstorms rolling through the Sierra, including here in Reno. Spent the day chasing the fronts through the Reno area, but unfortunately there weren't any spectacular cloud formations. I've noticed that they tend to get flat and heavy in the immediate Truckee Meadows area. That leads to spectacular lightning storms a few times a year (ask me to talk about last year's storm that rolled through), but not much in the way of photo-worthy cloud formations.

So anyway, I usually head off this time of year to the Tahoe high country, or to the Mokelumne area of the Carson-Iceberg wilderness. Yeah, I know, "Where's that?!?!" Think Lake Tahoe: take the highway (89) south out of South Lake Tahoe until you hit Highway 88, hang a right, drive a couple miles, and look left. :) That, my friends, is the remarkable Carson-Iceberg Wilderness area. And yes, I'll undoubtedly post a lot about this area, post piccies, and grumble when I have to work and not be able to drive, hike, and backpack the area. :) But it's all good.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I'll be heading out again to chase some thunderheads, breathe the clean air of the Sierra Nevada, and try to push out all those thoughts and ideas that lead to me be away from the Sierra Nevada. :)

But it's all good. Talk to ya soon.

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